How do I pay for my online purchases?
By ordering online from you can choose to pay in the following ways:

1.Payment by credit card and paypal

If you are new customer and selected as payment method Credit Card there is potential for delay as to the mission of the Order until you confirm the issuing bank of your credit card the validity of your data. In no event shall the Company GRC TECH will make any recovery until you receive confirmation. However for safety reasons, the issuing bank commits the Amount of Charge During this duration. All these procedures are designed to protect your Electronic Markets and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of deception.
If you use the Old, preceded this process and basis of certain conditions, your order is executed immediately without any delay.

2.Payment on delivery to the courier or shipping

The Order your running immediately without delay, the receipt of make to your site by the General Postal or transporter and payment is due on the spot with paradosi.To cost of COD process is FREE, you pay only shipping costs.

3.Payment by bank deposit

For payment deposit in your bank account the bank details are given at the end of your order. For the reduction of the delay in the execution of your Order, please type in your name as Reason Deposit so that it can directly effect the relevant intersection. 

Payment and receipt by Store
If you select collection from your store can be paid is given in Direct Store to Receive.

For every purchase you will receive an invoice with delivery of the product to your place.